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The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of our wild lands while promoting the sport of off-road motorcycling. During the riding season, organized “trail tours” are held at various locations throughout the trail system in the northern part of the state. In addition, The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan sponsors the “Ultimate Trail Ride” – the Michael R. Burlingham Memorial Six Days of Michigan. Six full days of off-road riding – there’s no other ride like it anywhere in the world!

Your membership in The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan includes a one year subscription to the Great Lakes TrailRider Magazine, a detailed map CD of the Michigan trail system, access to all CCC events and activities plus access to the members' section of this website. To join, simply click here, follow the link above, or contact the CCC office at 517-781-4805.

Storm Damaged Trails in Northern LP Now Cleared

The Department of Natural Resources has announced that damage caused by severe weather on Labor Day has been surveyed and cleared on northern lower Michigan off-road vehicle trails and routes.

Based on National Weather Service data and site inspections by air and ground, ORV Program volunteers and DNR staff have been able to assess and clear the debris and downed signs left in the storm’s wake. Trail systems specifically targeted for assessment and clearing included:

Crapo Creek ORV Trail and Route and North Branch ORV Route (southeastern Otsego County)
Kalkaska ORV Trail and Route (northern Kalkaska County)
Frederic Trail and Route (northwestern Crawford County)

“Remember, there are thousands of miles of trails in the remote forests of Michigan,” said DNR recreation trail specialist Paige Perry. “Our clearing efforts since Labor Day were focused on the trails that had the greatest possibility of damage. We ask users to always ride responsibly and be prepared for other users or natural obstructions on the trail.”

Any individuals with questions, updates or reports about the trails network can contact Paige Perry at 989-732-3541 ext. 5086.

Five Miles of New Single Track Trail at Kinross

Five miles of new (total of 32 miles) motorcycle-only single track is now on the ground at Kinross in the Upper Peninsula. It is brushed and is marked with both black on white arrows and orange trail triangles. This trail is new this summer and hasn't been ridden much yet, so please stop at all marked trail crossings! Contact the CCC office for details at ccckids@frontier.com or call Lewis Shuler at 517-416-0126. In addition to observing the permanent trail markers, please stay between the yellow and orange paint.

ORV Stickers Beginning April 1, 2014

$25.25 ORV "License" – Required to ride on non-private property (eligible county roads, state forest roads in the Upper Peninsula, eligible national forest roads and the frozen surface of public waters).

$10.00 ORV Trail Permit – Required to operate on state-designated and signed ORV trails, routes and scramble areas. This sticker is needed in addition to the $26.25 ORV license above to ride trails and routes with an orange triangle. Both the license and the permit are required on SOS licensed vehicles to ride trails and also some sections of Routes, ie. on Drummond Island. If you're riding a street licensed motorcycle on the Michigan ORV trail system...you'll need both ORV stickers beginning April 1.

Law enforcement will be looking for both stickers on the rear fender of any ORV riding the orange triangles on the trail.

New ORV Legislation Enacted

Several bills of new legislation affecting ORVs in Michigan have recently been signed into law. See the Legislative page for details!

Sharing Our Trails

For a complete guide to trail etiquette in Michigan, click here.

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